White Signature Battery

The Vapor Couture White Signature Battery is the perfect fit for women who want to smoke while looking stylish at the same time, as it is slim and white signature batterylight-weight while at the same time being in a White Signature design that oozes elegance. The Vapor Couture Battery contains a rechargeable lithium-ion battery so you can keep using it to smoke your electronic cigarette again and again. All you need to do is keep your Vapor Couture Battery charged by using a Charging Kit, connect it to a Vapor Couture Flavor Cartridge, and smoke away.

The Vapor Couture Battery comes in four designs and the White Signature design looks extremely elegant and you can match it with your clothes and other accessories to create the perfect look that is fashionable as well. You can even get the Vapor Couture Flavor Cartridge in the same White Signature design if you want as all six flavors are available in this design.

The Vapor Couture White Signature Battery is great because it has many cool features, for example it has a crystal tip that lights up every time you take a puff of the electronic cigarette and this crystal tip starts blinking once the battery runs out of charging so you know when you need to charge it. The Battery can be fully charged in just over an hour and a fully charged battery provides about three to six hours of use.

The Battery is about 8 mm in diameter and 85.85 mm in length, and there are many ways that you can charge it. You can use the Mini Charger to connect it to any USB port, or you can use a Wall Adapter to plug it into any power socket, while you can also use the Car Adapter if you want to charge it while you are on the move.

The Vapor Couture White Signature Battery is available for a price of $15.96, which is a great price when you consider the amount of features that it has as well as the fact that it looks extremely slim and stylish.

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