10Ml E-Liquid Sampler 3-Pack

VaporFi has endless flavor options and sometimes it can be a challenge to decide which flavor you want. This e-liquid sampler pack was created to E Liquid Sampler 3 packsave the customer money and to address precisely this concern. Each bottle is a modest 10 mls but you get three blends to try all at once which makes it worth the overall price.

It is also a good option if the customer has favorites because this way he can get them altogether without spending a fortune in 30mls bottles which are the regular size which is sold.

This pack is also brilliant for vapers who get bored easily and want to switch up what they are vaping on a regular basis.

The e-liquid is entirely FDA approved and is made 100% in the United States. Even the nicotine or the PG is not imported cheaply from abroad as is the case with many ecig brands nowadays.

The great thing about this pack is that you can make anything from 30,000 combinations which is great if you are picky.

For under $25 you get to try three flavors which are affordable given the quality and high standards of production you are getting.

Even the glycerin is from a Malaysian Palm origin making it the best choice. You can choose from tobacco choices, desserts, fruits, custom blends and menthol flavors.

The good thing about the brand is that you get excellent customer service and you can register complaints 24\7.

The bottles are safe for use around children and the vape is not harmful not even when inhaled as passive smoke. The formula is approved by FDA to be safe for every age even though children are advised not to try.

With the lot numbers listed on the packaging when you receive your order you can trace the product to where it was made.

With this next review, we recommend starting with a good menthol.