Amaretto Sunrise

VaporFi does offer some truly creative mixes (like Amaretto Sour liquids) but they also make sure that classics aren’t forgotten and their take on the Amaretto Sunrise E Liquidclassic flavors is just as good as the real deal itself, if not better.  Find them all on – reviews by us will tell you the best flavors you should check out.

VaporFI Amaretto Sunrise

Take the Amaretto sunrise for example, opening up the cartridge you’re greeted by an aroma that reeks of almond. The aroma is refreshingly reminding of a nuttiness that’s rarely found in e-cigarette refills mostly, and is a more than welcome to the senses. It also makes you wait no more and jump straight into the vaping experience. This is where things might tend to get a bit trickier.

For most of us the vaping experience of this particular flavor was great and reminding of the drink after which the flavor has been named after. However a few of us felt like this flavor had a burning taste and an over powering throat hit that tended to ruin the vaping experience. But luckily there’s a simple workaround for that, if you’re a fan of Amaretto sunrise. Simply mix up the flavor with vanilla or a fruity flavor, one that is sweet and you’re set up with a really nice taste of the drink without the fear of disliking the taste of the vape. Or in case you’re not willing to mix it up and prefer it standalone, try and let it sit for a few days that aftertaste and throat tends to mild out a bit.

This could be due to fact that VaporFi uses kosher grade ingredients and perhaps the flavors are way too strong for that small percentage among us to handle. VaporFi’s Refills are available in stores, online and even in little kiosks located in malls near you, so that you are always within simple reach of great vaping experience. Add the ability to get custom nicotine content per cartridge and the intensity of the flavors and the number of flavor shots within each cartridge and you’re bound to be guaranteed a vaping experience that is truly tailored to fulfill your exact vaping needs.

In my same order I made for this flavor, I also got a few other flavors.  Most notably, the e liquid flavor “Black Velvet.”