Amaretto Truffle

As the name suggests, this flavor provides the hardcore vapor, with a taste like no other. Combining the superior quality of your favorite amaretto Amaretto Truffle e liquidliquor with the ever loving taste of chocolate truffle.

The amaretto part of this e-liquid cartridge caters towards that harder throat hit and a stronger flavor craving. This ensures that even a slight puff provides with the ever famous feel of the liquor. This ensures that whenever you feel partying, you don’t necessarily need to take a swig. You can just whip out your e-cigarette and be the center of attention in the club.

Part of the mix is the chocolate truffle element of the flavor. This along with the heavier liquorish taste ensures a premium vaping experience. Not to mention the fact that the added sweetness tends to bring out the feel of the amaretto so much more. That alongside with the chocolate rolling off edges of your taste buds, ensures that your vaping experience is truly one of a kind.

Combining the two elements brings out a highly smooth yet decadent flavor that’ll cater to your partying needs completely. It’s an intense vaping flavor balanced with the feel of chocolate to ensure the vaping is flavor rich yet never overwhelming to the level that you might stop, though it might be lingering nearly at the edge. What else could be better for the hardcore vapor to be treated to a flavor that ensures it is really up to the mark and providing an experience that is just the right amount of heaviness and intoxication?

Amaretto truffle is basically meant for vapers that are looking to explore the extents of vaping and browsing the full potential of the experience. It truly is a treat and if you think you’re ready for the next step in vaping, this is the flavor to go to.

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