Bahama Breeze

Bahama Breeze is just another brilliant flavor which is exotic and interesting and will keep you from practically trying anything else.Bahama Breeze e liquid

It is a combo of mango, orange and pineapple which gives the view of beaches and sunshine and tans. It is very reminiscent of the Bahamas lifestyle which consists of sitting in the sun with a lovely drink in one’s hand. You will feel transported to a vacation destination as the taste is very tropical and builds up slowly as if delaying a fantasy ride.

For $16 you get a single hit of each fruit although there are ways to create your own custom blend as well. You get a sturdy, child-proof 30 mls bottle which will last and is also safe to travel with and store without worrying too much.

You can pick varying levels of Propylene Glycol as some vapers like less in their blends. You can choose to have more vegetable glycerin if PG doesn’t agree with you.

Bahama Breeze, like all the other e-liquids has been cleared by the FDA and they are perfectly safe to inhale as well as consume. They also give off virtually no secondhand smoke.

If ordering online scares you, there are brick and mortar retail outlets where all the flavors are sold. Customer service is also available at all hours of the day to respond to concerns. If you find yourself dissatisfied there is a money back guarantee till 30 days have passed.

The pineapple is the strongest flavor which can be felt once the e-liquid is actually burnt in the cartomizer so the flavor is a great one for pineapple enthusiasts.

For that first taste of spring from my home state, read on, read on.