Berry Bash

It is not every day that you see a flavor which is all berry-oriented so for lovers for berries, this is the ideal choice and another quality offering fromBerry Bash e liquid the brand Vaporfi.

VaporFi’s Berry Bash E Liquid – My Review

This is a blend which involves blueberries, strawberries and raspberries. The taste resembles the feeling of ripe berries that have been toasted in the sun and are eaten fresh off a bush.

As a vaper you will feel that you don’t want to put your ecig down as you will want to vape this all the time. The flavor itself never gets old when you are vaping and the tongue never gets used to it. The throat hit is alright for a fruity flavor but is not immense not by any stretch of idea which is by far the only disappointing thing about this otherwise great flavor.

The flavor is also unfailingly realistic. It tastes like a real bowl of berries and there is no mistaking it. You can feel the juiciness and the sweet taste and unlike many fruit flavors, it does not taste like fruit candy which can be annoying.

The raspberry is the most noticeable of the berries but it really makes an impression. If you feel the other berries to be truly lacking in the taste palette you can double the dose and get more of that fruit action.

The nicotine strength can also be varied according to your preference and it is recommended to have a higher strength with fruity flavors since they tend to be less satisfying.

The vape itself is very smooth and this flavor is a wonderful choice for regular vaping. It can have a slight tart like feel but mostly the flavor tastes like fresh berries and little else. There are no strange undertones or aftertastes as many fruit flavors tend to have which makes this one an instant classic.

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