Black Velvet

While the E-cigarette is superior to the traditional cigarette in many aspects, of the most obvious aspects that that E-cigarette dominates is the choice Black Velvet e liquidand number of flavors available for it.  Today I’ll review a unique flavor – called Black Velvet.  It’s made by VaporFI.

My Black Velvet E Liquid Analysis

One of the more exotic and premium flavors available is the Black Velvet. This Premium flavors reminds us of fresh bubbly and satisfying glass of cola with slight fruitiness thrown in the mix. The end result is a taste that’s satisfying, refreshing and familiar yet surprisingly new. Cola in this premium refill provides the relaxing feel that you’re looking for after a particularly tiring day. Fruity provides a totally different perspective to this flavor and adds a energetic naughtiness that’s bound to make you party. This combo of flavor works really well together and make it an excellent for all day vaping needs. Looking to relax, have some Black Velvet. Chilling in the club, looking to party more? Have some Black Velvet. It is a great flavor that works well in any situation.

The fruity aftertaste of the flavors makes it a bit on the sweeter side of vaping but it is definitely on the lighter side. This allows the flavor to be used separately just as well being an excellent choice if looking to whip up a creative mix of your own.

Another great thing about E-cigarette premium refills is the fact that they are made from kosher grade ingredients, that ultimately means that are at par if not above food grade. While the common flavors have the choice of 70/30 PG/VG and 50/50 PG/VG choices available, this is not available in the case of the more exotic, premium flavors. They are only available in the unique 60/40 PG/VG mix. This ensures that flavors doesn’t get overwhelming yet is strong enough to provide the punch. This also ensures a medium throat hit that’s rich enough but not extremely strong as to dissuade the end user away from it. Couple that with the fact you still have the choice of choosing the nicotine content per refill bottle from within a range of 0.0% to 3.6%, and you get a product that’s exclusively made with end user’s premium vaping needs in mind. This particular flavors, rich with fruity naughtiness and refreshing taste of Cola, delivers perfectly.

Another flavor I sampled in this order was the Berry Bash e liquids.  They were also a smash hit.