Blueberry Blast

Blueberry blast has a wonderful rich flavor with a little bit of sweetness. Blueberry blast flavor has a fresh and cool taste of ripened blueberries of Blueberry Blast e liquidPacific Northwest. You would feel a burst of flavors in your mouth after your first puff. Blueberry blast flavor is so heavenly, that is makes you feel like you’re day dreaming. This Blueberry blast flavor is very distinct from any other blueberry flavor. It is simple but delicious with the most unique flavor that you can never find anywhere else. Blueberry blast flavor is well balanced, it is sweet but not very sugary and it has a little bit of tartness. This flavor is loaded with its own unique essence.

Blueberry blast is a strong and cool flavor that can be a great vape by itself or by mixing it with others. Blueberry would make you feel like you are violet in a chocolate factory and transformed into a blueberry. It is one of the best tasting e-liquids and will leave you hooked. Trying this flavor would instantly leave your mouth and your mood refreshed and you will feel energized. Another positive point of this e-liquid is that its taste is long lasting unlike other flavors. The aroma is so wonderful that it attracts a person and makes you try this flavor.

Blueberry Blast flavor would surely leave you addicted to it after you try it once. It really gives you a boost of energy to pull you out of that afternoon slump. The taste of blueberries come through really well and would surely please you with its deliciously amazing flavor. The throat hit is awesome and is satisfies your taste buds. Blueberry blast is a full robust flavor with nothing lacking. After a single puff, all you would want to do this keep on vaping this blueberry and you would wish that it never ends.

Looking for something to wake you up and tickle you taste buds. This is a great flavor here, so read the next review.