Bolt RDA

RDAs are for giving control back to the vaper and for creating a variety of options that the vaper can work with. The RDA is naturally to be made by VaporFi Bolt RDAvapers who have some experience with vaping in general and with the mechanisms behind a vaping device. This is not to be attempted by people with no experience or prior information regarding electronics for safety reasons and as a precaution.

You get great performance out of this thing and you also get to create the object out of scratch which brings with it a certain pleasure of its own. If you are the one building the device you will indeed possess an intimate knowledge of the workings of it and will feel more confident when you are next using your Bolt RDA.

It is supposed to work hand in hand with the VOX 50 and the power you get with these two combined can be more than your wildest imagination. You can expect the best taste and flavor when these work together which is why they are a thoroughly recommended combination and they are often sold together by the brand as well.

You get clouds and clouds of nicely formed vapor which is lovely and you can adjust the airflow as you like as per the mechanisms of the device. You can tweak the settings to suit your purposes as well. The drip well is also deep so you can vape for absolutely long periods of time and you never need to worry about running out of flavor.
At $49.99 the price the rather steep but the effects can be dazzling if the building job is done right. The customer must know how to use a meter in order to build the RDA as trying to build one without this type of knowledge is quite hard.

Also be sure to check out the newest accessory – the air USB charger.