Bolt Tank Accessories

The Bolt is easily one of the best vaporizers out there. Once you have purchased this magnum opus of vaporizers from Vaporfi, you will want to build bolt tank accessoriesit up with the nicest accessories you can find so that you can enjoy it in the best way possible. You get a few different types of accessories and they all have different functions for the vaporizer.

• The 3 post screw keeps things safe and tightly found and all the coils in their place.

• The special Bolt screwdriver has been made for any modifications you may want to make to the device or any opening up you may want to do to fix something or add something to the device.

• The added O rings help prevent leaks in your vaporizer which is a great function to have.

This accessories pack has been made for advanced vapers that have a variety of needs that have to be catered to so it has added in the three items which often need to be ordered separately at great inconvenience. It has been made specifically for vape pens as it helps them perform seamlessly well.

It costs you next to nothing at $1.99 so if you own a Bolt it is a definite must-have for you to have at home as you never know when you might need it or when you might need a certain item from this kit. At this price you can even keep two or gift one to a fellow vapor.

The kit remains compatible only with the Bolt RDA and with virtually no other vaporizers which is the downside but for the RDA it really is one that no vapor should have to go without. This accessories kit helps you operate with a surgeon’s hand on your Bolt RDA and it will help you have amazing results.

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