Boom Charger

If you have invested in a boom vaporizer you will doubtlessly want to keep it charged and ready to go so that you can keep making use of it and that is boom chargerwhere the awesome Boom charger comes in. It is as great as the vaporizer itself and most die-hard vapers keep an extra charger lying around for those emergency moments when you just might need two of them.

The price is very reasonable at $6.98 due to the clearance sale nowadays which means you can pick up as many as you want especially if you are paranoid that your charger will stop working and you may not be able to get it at this price again. You should always have an extra for emergencies anyway.

The charger in itself is relatively simple and it does not do anything beyond the ordinary and it comes in a very simple black style with the Vaporfi logo sticking out. It does not have any special features and buttons not even for on and off but you simply plug it in and it is good to go. The simplistic design is part of the massive appeal and the low price so just go with it.

It has a small LED light however that lights up every time you plug the device in you will know when it is in use and you can keep the kids away from the plug and so on. The charger is very basic which is reflected in its price.

It simply plugs into the vaporizer and it is light in weight which is a major plus point for traveling as well as for everyday which means you can take it in your purse everywhere or in your briefcase when you need to go to work or shopping.

If you think your vaporizer is looking a little dull, jazz it up with this next nifty product.