Boom Refillable Tanks

Refillable tanks are essential for anyone who vapes like a normal person and they are a useful thing to have at hand anytime you run out and need to Boom Refillable Tankschange up the tank of your vaporizer. These tanks have been made specifically for the Boom vaporizer and also the Boom Hookah.

VaporFI Boom Refillable Tanks

In the Boom hookah you can use two tanks simultaneously and fit them in as per the design so you can use two of these bad boys. They are sold in packs of 4 which is a very convenient number overall but it is not too few and not too many but precisely the right amount.

When you use it for the Boom hookah you can enjoy two flavors as there will be two tanks which are good for people that get sick of one flavor too soon and crave a little exotic touch and versatility in their blends. The e-liquid range from Vaporfi is good enough to give one quite a few flavors to choose from to fill up those tanks with.

By having your four packs at hand you can change your original tanks twice before you need to purchase which is ample enough and will prevent you from having to order too soon or to go to your nearest brick and mortar outlet. The whole pack sells for the very affordable price of $14.99.

These tanks are lovely and refillable and the only time they may need to be changed is if they start leaking or if they break and so on which means they will last you quite a while before you need to repurchase. The tank capacity is 1.3mls which isn’t brilliant given the capacity you get with some tanks nowadays but in this price range it is ample and with the Boom hookah you get two tanks regardless.

Speaking of hookahs, they are known for having unique flavors.  Speaking of unique flavors, read my Amaretto Sunrise e liquid review.  Delish!