Boom Vapor Hookah Starter Kit

Fans of hookah have always suffered from one major issue: the portability of the hookah itself. Now with Vaporfi’s latest offering, that need not be a Boom Vapor Hookah Starter Kitproblem any longer. The hookah starter kit offers a portable hookah with all the fixings and it is definitely one that you can carry with you wherever you go. It isn’t one that fits in your hand but it is barely bigger than one’s arm.

It gives you the opportunity to start a party wherever you want because you can carry it so easily and can set it up with barely any effort at all. It has a battery of 2200mAh which is virtually unheard of in portable vaping devices so it will definitely blow your mind. You also get two tanks in the kit, one mouthpiece for vaping, and a charger you can plug into a wall.

The major selling point of this hookah starter kit has been the fact that it is an upgrade from traditional hookahs which were heavy and very fragile and difficult to travel with. This one is portable so it offers tons of options as to where and how it can be used and it adds a whole new level of versatility. It also makes a really cool bubbling noise which is programmed into the device. At the price of $129.99 it promises a great deal and at this affordable rate it is a good bargain to be had.

The Boom Vapor Starter Kit Includes:

  • 2200mAh battery with bubbling noise emitter
  • 2 clearomizer tanks
  • 1 mouthpiece
  • 1 charger
  • 1 manual

It comes with two containers which is great because this means you won’t need to mix flavors manually into one container. The flavors kind of mix themselves and then you are ready to go. The device itself is also relatively weightless. The handle etc weighs about as much as a flashlight so the hookah is very easy to carry around and take to places.

The throat hit is considerable. With most hookahs this is not the case because they tend to be too mild or they don’t blend the flavors properly but with this Vaporfi offering the throat hit is sharp and intoxicating. No matter what flavor you use, you will see it really come through on its own and make its mark. It is perfect for a party or a boys’ night in.

It also makes huge clouds of vapor which are full of flavor so that is another bonus. The bubbling noise adds a fair amount of realistic feel to the whole experience which is appreciated when you are actually vaping but you can do without it as well. The device is not really made for everyday but it can be used for that purpose if you are more of a hookah person. But the device is generally more for parties and so on.

The tank capacity is 1.3mls per tank which is not great but it does the job and it comes with two tanks anyway.  For a very cool way to build your own vaporizer just click that link and you’ll see how they do it the VaporFI way!