Captain’s Colada

This is one of the finest tropical blends that you will find from Vaporfi and it is a combination of rum, pineapple and coconut which is brilliant in its Captain's Colada e liquidquality of vapor. It can give you the sensation of being on a tropical island and you can enjoy that vacation feel right where you are and especially at work which is the farthest thing from a holiday.

It is the perfect Pina Colada sensation and for fans of that drink it delivers beautifully. The stakes are really high with this flavor and it does not disappoint.

The rum is the principle flavor so the blend is not too fruity which happens to be quite a common mistake with flavors of this kind. The blend is wonderfully alcoholic in nature and it leaves up to its reputation.

The throat hit is powerful to say the least. It is sharp and hits you right away and the fruity undertones follow soon after. The pineapple and the coconut can be felt but are in the background.

The flavor has another undertone which is felt some of the time and it is difficult to put your finger on. The nutty aftertaste may be a mistake or an intentioned touch but that delights too.

The nutty taste almost reminds one of peanuts or cashews but it does not seem out of place in the flavor. If you prefer blends that are fruitier then you can add in double fruit doses to exaggerate the fruit undertones to higher levels.

Pina Colada for most brands is a flavor which can be hard to create the right way but Vaporfi has struck gold with their promising combination and even the coconut delivers beautifully.

With lower settings of nicotine, the flavor is an uncontested favorite amongst vapers since the lower dose enables the pineapple and the coconut to come through.

Any flavor is only as good if you maintain your equipment. You can start here.