This is another coffee-based flavor from Vaporfi and this time it has been infused with rich, creamy chocolate. Apart from being a real treat for coffee Chocojava e liquidlovers, it is also great for people that have just chosen the ecig lifestyle and need strong flavors to keep them propped up on the habit.

The flavor is decisively strong and it delivers a stellar throat hit. The vapor production is also pretty great which means you won’t be vaping again and again as the satisfaction level is pretty high with this flavor and will keep you fuming for at least several hours at a time.

If you get the doses wrong however the taste can turn into something chemical which is an experience that many vapers have had. The bitter taste can be off-putting but it does go away if you add in some sweetener which you can buy from Vaporfi. With a few to several drops you can radically change the entire taste of your flavor and it is something which is good to keep handy.

The creaminess of the flavor will surely remind you of your morning coffee and it is indeed a great vape to have in the morning and post meals too. The flavor profile has also been known to markedly change if the flavor is left to steep for a couple of weeks or so.

Of course you can add in a flavor enhancer but if you have the time, you can opt for this little trick which will give you the best vaping experience ever.

The potent flavor is the coffee with strong tones of the chocolate. This is one of the few flavors which have an equal balance of the two and in which none of the components is an undertone to the other. Enjoy your mocha chocolate experience with Chocojava from Vaporfi.

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