Chocolate Cherry Tobacco

This is one of the better tobacco offerings in the Vaporfi range. There are regular tobacco flavors but the addition of the chocolate and the cherry are chocolate cherry tobacco e liquidwhat make this one special. The mix tastes like cherries coated with chocolate with a dose of tobacco on top. The taste is very much centered on the cherries rather than anything else.  I decided to try this brand after having been fed up with other “top vapor cigarette makers” that just let me down.  Every since I started using VaporFi, things just fell into place.

Chocolate Cherry Tobacco Blend Review

The flavor is brilliant for people that want a new twist on vaping the same old tobacco flavor and they will find it in the shape of choco-cherries. The flavor is rich to be sure and the taste may be too much for some people.

As far as dessert options go, it is hard to go richer than this and the tobacco mixed in does make the flavor an option for special occasions or once a day only.

Most vapers will find the flavor too much to take and will need to buy others to compensate for the times when they can’t put up with this amount of chocolate.

A sample pack is recommended where you can try this flavor and two others for a low price. You get 10mls bottles in that pack so you won’t even be wasting e-liquid if you end up not loving it.

You feel the tobacco as an underlying current but it takes turns being pleasant and then not so pleasant and this depends on the length of the vape. Some find the flavor performs better once it is left to ferment for some time such as one week or so.

The throat hit is thick but smooth which is part of what is good about Chocolate Cherry Tobacco. The ripe cherries, the rich chocolate and the grinded tobacco all combine together to make a flavor to be reckoned with but definitely not one that can be vaped for long periods every day.

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