CLEAR Atomizer

At the end of the day it is the atomizer heads that determine the performance of your vaporizer so they are a worthwhile thing to invest in and buy in a Clear atomizer 5 packfour or five pack at one time so you don’t have to order them at the spur of the moment. Especially if you are one of those people that travel a lot, you certainly shouldn’t leave something like this till the last minute.

Most vapers think that they can get away with having just about any atomizer head if they have a really expensive battery but that is not the case. You will be missing out on some great perks if you make the mistake of not investing in this particular atomizer head just because you think your battery can compensate for it which it cannot.

Better quality wicks like this will not burn out soon like the others will and they will give you better performance and better turn out. The flavors will also be able to really come through beautifully and they will be enhanced in their own way which is an advantage you would never really get with a low quality wick.

For the extremely affordable price of $14.99 you get a whole five pack and each atomizer will last you on average for 3 weeks so it is quite a bargain no matter which angle you look at it. Many vapers prefer to use their atomizers for even longer than that and you always have that option if you should so wish it but it is advisable to change the head every couple of weeks or so and keep repurchasing.

The overall deal is the real catch and it always helps to have spares at hand for all your vaping emergencies and it really can’t hurt to have a few extra ones lying around for when the need arises.

A mouthpiece is an important part of you vaping dry herb experience. Keep yours functioning at all times.