Cola Blast

Looking for relax on the lounge for a while? Perhaps it is a too hot outside and you’re looking to beat the heat? Or maybe you have friends over at yourCola Blast e liquid place and are just having fun. All of the above call for a drink and if you’re going to have one, why not have some Cola Blast.

Cola Blast E Liquid Review

Cola Blast delivers what the name implies, the feeling of soda in front of you, ready to be gulped down and provide that refreshment. While the traditional form is readily available all around you, times have changed so have the ways of refreshment. Getting the Cola Blast flavor for your E-Cigarette ensure that you are the center of attention and that you do not need to walk all way to fridge/store to get some refreshment. Cola Blast is the new futuristic way to relax and the flavor does not disappoint in providing that. The feel of the soda in embedded rich in the flavor and a double shot tends to be enough, though if you’re a heavy drinker or are afraid that this might not quench your thirst, there’s always the option to get a triple shot.

It is our opinion that while this flavor works great standalone, it is enhanced when combined with something like the Havana Rum. Also it must be noted that while the flavor provides the taste, it does lack the tangy feel of carbonation. But that is justifiable, as this flavor provides the best feel of Cola in the E-Cigarette world.

The choice of the custom nicotine content and the availability of VaporFi all over the U.S ensure that you get the truly custom experience near to your location without any hassle. Throw in the fact that VaporFi’s E-Cigarette Refills are mode from kosher grade ingredients and their labs are FDA approved tobacco labs and you can be sure that the refill you’ve just ordered is of the utmost quality and safe.

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