Cool Citrus

Vaporfi is known for its fruity flavors but few make the impression that Cool Citrus does. It is a flavor which is made for summer and hot weather and Cool Citrus e liquidit does not disappoint. It has an instant refreshing, icy feel when you first start vaping and it relaxes you almost right away.

It is a mixture of menthol ice and orange and the flavor hits spot on with its sourness, tangyness and the cooling sensation of the mint. The flavor is especially great for people that love menthol flavors generally.

Menthol is still the main element which can be felt very strongly and the orange has a mild, secondary flavor which is just as delightful.

The main reason behind its popularity is the fact that the orange provides a twist on the traditional menthol which everyone is used to vaping.
The orange adds a sourness which goes well with the minty flavor and makes the flavor like a cooling summer drink which is hard to say no to. There is also an element of sweetness which the orange provides.

The one complaint which you may find in this flavor as compared to other offerings from Vaporfi is that it does vape pretty fast. This may be a flaw in designing or with the liquid itself but you will find yourself needing a new bottle really soon as you will run out without much effort.

There has been a recent trend pertaining to fruit menthols but none can compare to the pure genius of Cool Citrus. The synergy that is created when orange is mixed with menthol cannot be compared to. The vapor cloud is very crisp and satisfying and you can adjust the dose of both the flavors as you deem fit. Adding more orange can make the vape more sour and some vapers actually prefer that.

Coconut and the Caribbean makes my list for a choice e liquid.