Crazy Cuban

Most men enjoy nothing more than a Cuban cigar and some vodka to get through the day. Some prefer it at nighttime after they have had dinner. The crazy cuban e liquidCrazy Cuban is a flavor which brings together Cuban cigars with much loved bananas. It forms halfway between a typical men’s flavor and a dessert offering.

You can now enjoy the wonderful cigar flavor which is known to be the best in the entire world with bananas to balance things out. You can do this without all the ash or the smoke so that means two more brownies points for this flavor.

The banana is not really a distinct flavor on its own but is rather an agent to bring the Cuban richness forward. It enhances the main cigar flavor and makes it more enjoyable and intoxicating for the vapor.

The taste is very real as special efforts have been made to replicate the taste of bananas and Cuban cigars as far as possible and Vaporfi seems to have succeeded.

This is a good option for people that have just gotten off the smoking habit and are looking for something strong to even out their taste buds and what they are used to.

This flavor is pretty strong and has that tobacco-rich vibe going on which is brilliant for old and new vapers alike and offers a high satisfaction level.

The flavor does well when mixed with other flavors namely other tobacco varieties, marshmallow and menthol. It can be mixed with any flavor at all and you can also regulate the doses you add into your blend. If you were a die-hard smoker then a double shot of cigar to a single shot of banana will do the trick.

This is one of the few flavors with which you can get by without nicotine in the blend at all. It has that potent tobacco feel and a lower strength of nicotine or no nicotine will work just fine and may even be more pleasurable.

Make each taste of your favorite vapor tingle with the taste of menthol in with this next product.