Decadent Dip

Everyone loves chocolate which is why the decadent dip caters to the age long need for chocolate with all its fixings. If you enjoy dipping strawberries Decadent Dip e liquidin chocolate then you will love this flavor which has been rated as one of the best.

The throat hit is frightfully realistic and you get a feeling you are gobbling real chocolate bits and juicy strawberries to go with it. The taste does not leave you right away but it still does not leave a bitter aftertaste which is hated by most vapers. The entire vaping experience is one of chocolate-like goodness and not much else.

The flavor may not be very original and granted there are different variations of this available from other brands but it does have the same familiar pleasant feel. It is popular not because it is unique but rather because it is well-loved.

It can give a real shock to the taste buds and make them float on sweetness because both the elements are sweet and there is no balancing element in between like lemon or mint. As with all flavors you can choose the level of nicotine that you are most comfortable with. The nicotine is the highest food grade and has been tested for quality.

You can add this flavor to their standard sample size pack or buy the regular 30mls bottle. The flavor can become overpowering to say the least especially when used frequently which is why it is recommended that it be alternated with another flavor perhaps one rich in exotic spices to even things out.

All the formulas used to make the flavors are registered with the FDA and fully endorsed by them. Everything except for the glycerin is manufactured right here in the United States so its quality can be trusted and through the logs you can trace back the origin of just about every element in the composition. The bottles are also childproof and fit for traveling or being on the go.

This next e liquid flavor sounds a little suspect to me. If you try it and like it, write a review and maybe I will give it a chance.