E-liquid 15ML Bottle

If you are a die-hard vapor then you need to have the right gear at home so that you can make your own blends, and so you can always be ready to e liquid 15 ml bottleservice your vaporizer. Having an empty e-liquid bottle in the standard size is also a good idea for the same reason. If you have this bottle you can mix flavors right at home which many vapers like to do and which often one does not have ample opportunity to do online.

The way that this is done is when you buy two or more separate flavors and then mix them all up in an empty bottle such as this one. When you order online, you can always order custom blends or blends which have already been mixed up but for more creative and personalized creations, you need a new bottle entirely.

This bottle is in the basic and standard size because when you order for flavors this is the size that you are confronted with and this is the size that you have to order in. This perfect sized bottle is designed to work with just about every cartomizer, tank and liquid that exists under the Vapofi range so you can keep a stock of these handy for all your experiments or as you see fit. If you regularly experiment with various flavors, you may want to buy more than one.

You get to buy one for $0.99 which is super affordable given the bottle is high quality plastic and childproof to say the very least. All of Vaporfi’s bottles are also travel friendly, partly because of their size and partly because of the manner of their construction.
Their durability can be tested by the fact that they never leak or crack and you can use them to store your liquids for long periods of time without any problems.

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