Express Lanyard

There are always times when you require your hands to be free and you need your vaporizer to be around your neck rather than in a pouch or a bag. If express lanyardyou are more of an experienced vapor then this lanyard will be perfect for you in terms of convenience and functionality.

Apart from the obvious convenience you can also enjoy the lovely and chic colors that these lanyards come in which is red and blue and so on. You will feel happy taking these out in public as they are the epitome of style. You can wear them around your neck and match them with your outfit if you are feeling super ambitious.

The main thing that the Express Lanyard gives you is unlimited access to the vaporizer at all times which makes the device really handy to have and use. If you were using a carrying case or a pouch, you would need to reach into your bag whenever you needed to vape but with this lanyard you can just access the vaporizer as is without worrying about anything.

The other thing which the Express Lanyard is really great for is special events and occasions when it is just not possible to have your vaporizer on you any other way without seriously causing inconvenience to yourself or to others. You might also risk losing the device if you keep it in a bag and leave it somewhere.

For the price of $6.99 it is even cheaper than some other lanyards that are also manufactured by Vaporfi and it really earns its keep in terms of being profoundly useful. Even if you aren’t going to use it every day, it is a good thing to have lying around for those last moment events when something like this might come in handy.

Without the right battery, your vaping is at an end. Check the user manual to get what you need.