Express Mighty Menthol Cartridges (5 Pack)

VaporFi’s Express cartridges offer a great price to quality ratio and for good reason. With the Express E-cigarette made for the Entry level customers express mighty menthol cartridge 5 packto the world of vaping, the flavors, price and the quality all ensure that the experience is worthy enough to show the capabilities of vaping.

One of predetermined flavors for the Express Starter Kit is the Might Menthol. The cartridge is designed to feel and look exactly like a traditional cigarette and even the taste and Throat hit is the same. With up to 1 ml of flavor within a single cartridge and a 5-Pack costing only 15 $ approx., it’s a value deal that you’ll find nowhere else.

The Mighty menthol flavor that is within the cartridge is well settled and provides a cool refreshing Burst of energy along with mild throat hit at least. Longer drags do tend to get a bit overpowering, and this flavor is best enjoy at short-medium drags. The aftertaste of the flavor is where its true strength lie. The Feel of the mint in the back of your throat and the cool refreshing taste, allows you to beat the heat right in a whiff, no strings attached.

While the Express flavor cartridges do limit some of the options such as the number of number of shots within the cartridge and the ability to choose the PG/VG mix, they are counterbalanced by the cheaper price, this makes these cartridges great for people that are looking to explore the possibilities of vaping. The Express Starter Kit and The Flavor cartridges (Empty or filled) offer a cost effective solution. However cheaper prices do not mean that VaporFi comprises on the quality, and even the Express cartridges are made from same kosher grade ingredients. VaporFi does allow you to choose the nicotine level per cartridge, so that you can ensure the vaping experience is as similar to the traditional taste that you’re used to.

For an explosion of apple flavor and Egyptian tobacco, try this great combination of flavors.