Flavor Enhancer

Vaporfi is all about customization and the fun effects you have achieve when you mix up your blends and vape them. Their flavor enhancer is another flavor enhancer e liquidproduct which just like the fruit enhancer is aimed at making your e-liquids just a little more fun.

If you have ordered something that needs a massive or a small improvement or if you are trying newer flavors all at the same time and do not know which one you will like more, the Flavor Enhancer is a good liquid to have in your kit.

It is an elixir which provides that extra touch of sweetness and it can drastically improve the taste and feel of just about any e-liquid.

The way to use it is by adding several or a few drops to the e-liquid of your choice and then sitting back and watching the magic happen. It is advised to not start vaping the blend immediately but to wait a little bit in order for the enhancer to be fully absorbed and blended. Mix it up a bit and you are ready to go. With Vaporfi’s leak proof bottles, the process couldn’t be easier.

Another thing that the enhancer is great at cutting out is not only sourness but also bitter aftertastes. If you have ordered a standard 30mls bottle of an e-liquid that has turned out to be not to your liking and which leaves an aftertaste then this enhancer is just the thing to fix it.

Depending on how much sweet you can take, unlikeable flavor notes can also be removed this way.

It boosts the flavor a great deal which means that not only is there no aftertaste, flavors which exhale all wrong or have a sharp taste can also be made rather pleasant. Vapors swear by it and say that it has caused their vaping experience to be out of this world.

Looking for that pure sour familiar taste, then continue reading.