Fruit Sweetener

Vaporfi is all about giving the customer what he wants and customization happens to be first on the list. Personalization is how you can adjust the fruit sweenter e liquidflavors to your liking and that is why the Fruit Sweetener was created. If you suffer from cravings and find that none of the flavors are quite sweet enough for you then this little liquid can really help you out.

This liquid is simply for making the flavors more sweet and pleasurable. You can add it as you see fit and the flavor will really pop especially if it is a fruity delight. It has been made specifically for flavors which are fruit-oriented or have fruits as elements in them because it makes them ripe and makes them taste the best.

You can buy the Fruit Sweetener and keep it aside so every time you order a fruit related flavor you have this ready this satisfy your sweet tooth. Shake up the bottle and add a few drops following the instructions depending how sweet you want your e-liquid to be. For a mere $5, this is a very useful thing to keep if you are a die-hard vapor.

The few things that the brand claims that the Fruit Sweetener does is increase the sweetness in the flavor profile instantly and to make the fruits pop regardless of which fruity flavor you have chosen to use it on.

Furthermore it fixes liquids which simply aren’t good enough and makes them more bearable. If you have ordered e-liquids by mistake which do not fit the bill, you can use this liquid to make them tasty and delicious.

Last but not least steeping is accelerated which is a major bonus and it enhances the satisfaction power of the flavor. It can make just about any flavor taste wonderful which is part of why this is an indispensable item for any vapor to have in their kit.

Add some sour to your flavor profile with this great e liquid.