Havana Rum

VaporFi is able to provide some really complex and creative flavors to you, but it doesn’t forget that sometimes it’s just a simple flavor that makes a Havana Rum e liquidperfect vape. VaporFi ecigs has made available some of the more commonly known flavors that are popular as standalone purchases.  You should see where they stack up in our brand rankings 2015.

Havana Rum E Liquid Review

An example would be the Havana Rum. This flavor while making its appearance in Rum’n’Cherry cola this flavor is a great experience of vaping alone as well. While the flavor doesn’t really taste of the famous Havana Rum, it does provide a good a warm appetizing vape. The vape experience is a smooth on and has a mild throat hit. If vaped with smaller puffs this flavor tends to provide with a creaminess and a slight sweetness that goes great with other flavors as well as standalone. This makes it one of the few flavors that you can vape all day still not get tired of.

Havana Rum stays true to its roots, and does indeed at times taste of rum and the subtle sweetness. The exact feel of flavor also tends to reminds of the aging oak barrels that it came into. Since it is entirely your choice as to the number of flavors shots within the cartridge, this particular flavor can be used to mix up a flavor that you love or add that sweetness.

Similarly VaporFi also allows for variation of the standard mix of 70%PG/30VG to 50%PG/50%VG thereby allowing for a stronger throat hit and flavor. With the choice of up to three shots of flavors in the refill it is you who decides the intensity of the flavors that you favor. VaporFi also has stores all over the U.S which have some really great support that will be handle any queries you might have. The support staff at the stores are also well experienced in Vaping and can teach you some of the techniques. Kiosks are also placed in malls nationwide, making the best vaping experience always with your reach. VaporFi’s refills costs around 16$ each which makes it a great price to quality ratio and only adds to their preceding reputation.

Speaking of Havana, Cuba, they are best known for coffee.  Therefore I’ve also reviewed the Double Espresso e liquid.