High Capacity 35A 2500mah Battery

Vape pens work a little differently from standard vaporizers and they need to be powered differently too. Their batteries are not only sleeker, they arehigh capacity 35a 2500 mAh battery slimmer and they are smaller in size too. This doesn’t mean that they underperform in terms of power though. They are just as high powered as any other, if not more and that is proven by this little wonder.

VOX batteries tend to be more advanced anyway and this one certainly is and it lasts longer than any other in the entire range of batteries from Vaporfi. The styling has been made very simplistic and made to suit that sort of clientele that are more interested in quality rather than aesthetics. The plain green of the VOX battery hides its rather complex inner workings.

The features are marvelous and are made for those that are looking for the top most that is to be had in vaping. The battery itself packs in quite a price coming in at $19.99 but given all that you are getting, you are probably staking a bargain. At a mere 2.5 inches, it takes up barely any space at all and can fit just about anywhere and is also great for traveling.

The one complaint which has been arising for this product is that it does not have a charge which lasts very long even though the battery has been marketed on its longevity. However the battery has been known to extend the life of your vaporizer or vaping pen because of its high quality.

These batteries are wonderfully energetic and they also make the vaping experience worth having because the vapor production is always considerable whenever this battery is used. The vaporizer also seems to perform well in other respects such as being able to bring out the flavor properly.

This next clever must have product makes it easier to vape in the car.