Holy Cow Condensed Milk

Now the most creamy and smooth lavishness is what you get in our condensed milk flavor. This Condensed milk flavor contains hints of caramel that Holy Cow Condensed Milk e liquidmakes it just more creamy and thick. Condensed milk flavor is a classic perfection that is equally sweet and luxuriously comfortable, that brings an excellent creamy taste that can be a great morning cigarette that refreshes your mind and makes you feel more relaxed.

OMG – The Holy Cow Condensed Milk Liquid Review!

If you are a condensed milk fan then look no further as this flavor would certainly give you the most satisfaction and fulfill all your vaping needs. When you smell or. You get the heavenly feeling right there in your face from the very first puff as it is not a slow and gentle reminder.

Condensed milk flavor is a great desert flavor that will leave your taste buds wanting for more. This flavor is truly a spot on. It can be great by itself or by adding any other flavor to it. It has a very delicious, sweet, creamy goodness that is excellent all on its own or with the blend of any other flavor. It is a wonderful vape to relax anytime, be it at an office break time, or a pool side.

This flavor (by VaporFi of course)would surely not disappoint you and give you the sense of fulfilment and pleasure in its finest ways. Condensed milk flavor being sweet, custardy and rich is a total win. It is a very delicious and irreplaceable flavor which is one of its kind with its mouthwatering aroma. Close your mouth and feel the creamy taste run into it as you vape this absolutely amazing e-liquid. It leaves a divine impression that makes you try this flavor again and again. The exquisite taste of condensed milk explodes in your mouth as you inhale. It certainly leaves your mouth feeling clean and fresh.

If you want, you can even use a clearomizer and fill it up with this and use it in the express battery.  How’s that for usability?