Java Jolt

Java Jolt, a brand new flavor brings about the ever popular taste of coffee and the traditional cigarette together. While this may seem a bit old, it Java Jolt e liquid doesn’t change the fact that most of us enjoy this taste and seem to combine these two in our lives. VaporFi draws their inspiration from this and combines two of favorite morning starters to bring a blend that injects with energy and enhances your activity right on the spot. No more waiting for the coffee pot to be free, or the need to go out to smoke.

This coupled with the fact that you do not get any cigarette breath and the E-cigarette refill offers the same aroma and energy as that of a traditional coffee cup, makes it all the more reason to try it once. After all it is something that we’re well familiar with and vaping this particular only reminds of the fact that the VaporFi flavors are truly what they say and not a bit less. Since you choose the desired nicotine content yourself, this flavor’s element of the traditional cigarette delivers brilliantly.

Additionally since all refills are made from kosher grade ingredients and VaporFi’s lab is registered at FDA only tends to point out that the company is dedicated towards providing a healthy and safe vaping experience. Available across U.S and in the malls towards you, VaporFi ensures that you never have to go too far to enjoy a safe and healthy vape. The ability to customize your refill is also an added bonus, you can choose the amount of flavor shots with the refill as well changing the standard composition of the flavor so as to get a stronger flavor. If you have an old flavor refill that needs a bit more, the company also offers a flavor enhancer, though that tends to sweeten it a bit.

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