Lemon Apple Candy Crush

With a name like that the only thing which pops to mind is the prospect of kiddish candy like flavors with both sweet and sour tones. The entire flavor Lemon Apple Candy Crushis candy-centric which means it practically revolves around candy and there is a ton of sweetness to be had.

Some vapers even claim it has an alleviating effect on depression because of its richness of flavor and enviable sweetness. There is lemon zest, Appletini and cotton candy all thrown together to create the sweetest flavor you are likely to ever experience.

This flavor will work nicely if you have a major sweet tooth but if you don’t then you may have difficulty putting up with it more than once a day. It definitely does not roll off the tongue and it does have a creamy feel to it which is why only opt for this if you enjoy all things sweet and generally don’t like flavors like Red Tobacco for example.

The marketing is made to make the flavor seem like a sugar coated dream without toothache but in reality the flavor disappoints in terms of throat hit. It is rich to be sure but the satisfaction level is low since it is almost as if the flavor was made for kids.

Some people prefer similar flavors which have watermelon etc claiming that those are more refreshing and in this case that is probably very true. But if you enjoy eating sweets and want to relive the time of your childhood, this flavor comes highly recommended.

You can change around how many shots you like of each so that the flavor is just right for you and you can also decide what nicotine level you want. By increasing Appletini in the flavor you can get more of a tangy touch which makes it more delicious.

If you like this trio of flavors, you will find similar tastes in this e liquid.