Mango Orange Fusion

This is a fruit flavor that makes a bold statement as it is a combo of mango and orange as the name suggests and it is one of the best flavors to have in mango orange fusion e liquidthe summer when the heat is at its peak. It has a few undertones which suggest a small list of secret ingredients which is precisely what makes this flavor to die for.

The blend is fine and suitably rich although it seems in need of some lemon zest to spice things up. You can add lemon as an extra flavor when you order this one as it will definitely make things more exciting. It can also be added to tobacco flavors from the Vaporfi range to make it more suitable for new ex-smokers who are trying to get accustomed to vaping.

Like many of Vaporfi’s flavors the taste is not overly realistic or authentic. You get a faint jello and mango juice like feel when you start vaping but the blend is so great you don’t notice it till you have gotten fairly used to the flavor. It is a great vape for everyday when you are not looking to be too picky anyway.

Don’t let yourself run out of this great flavor by buying in standard 30mls sizes and bulk ordering or ordering it in a sample package in order to try out. The taste is great and the price (the same for all Vaporfi flavors) is $15.99.

Mango related flavors are a much ordered favorite in most brands but the bar is set real high with Mango Orange Fusion and you can further enhance the mango flavor by ordering a second dose of it. The blend will be more concentrated and you can enjoy either of the fruits more this way. Customization is always welcome at Vaporfi.

If you find that the flavor is not sweet enough for you then you can always add in a couple of drops of the Vaporfi Fruit Enhancer which will do the trick.

Still looking for more tropical flavor? Then what we have up for our next review may add that flavor.