Mighty Menthol

Some menthols are small and weak but not this one though. Mighty Menthol is full of that strong menthol essence that is sure to please you. Mighty Mighty Menthol e liquidmenthol can be yours without the harm of ash or smoke. It’s just pure vapor and is not clouded with smoke, butts and ash.

Some menthols are boarder on the margin of mint and others are like cardboard but this is the best quality menthol you can ever get. This flavor is recommended to anyone you wants to cut down on traditional cigarettes or even quit smoking.

Nicotine Level:

It is recommended that people who are new to it should start off with 1.8%. This level is as good as a traditional cigarette and can give the best results for those making the change for the first time. Other levels of nicotine are also offered to modify your vaping experience.

The performance of the electronic cigarette and vaping experience can be affected directly by the nicotine level.

Flavor strength:

A maximum of three flavor “shots” can be added to your E-liquid. You can decide one single shot, double shot or triple shot.
It is a great flavor for those looking for a good menthol flavor. This is the best menthol anyone would ever wish for.

If you like your flavors all set for you, try this flavor combination.