MINI-CLEAR Clearomizer Tank (3 Pack)

Not always the size of things matter, sometimes mini things can be of great help. When you want less space, the mini-clear clearomizer can take care mini clear clearomizer tankof you with a more compact clearomizer. Mini-clean clearomizer can work with all express batteries. Mini-clear clearomizer allows the pre-filled disposal cartridges to be replaced and it also has the great feature of allowing you to customize and mix your liquids according to what you please. When you want a little more than what you get from your pre-filled carts, you should use these mini-clear clearomizer tanks. As more amount is better so this mini-clear clearomizer tank is available in 3-pack which can be very convenient for you.

Mini-clear clearomizer tanks matches perfectly with both of the sizes of their express batteries. Mini-clear clearomizer tank holds more e-liquid than you’d get from any regular pre-filled cartridge. From the easy to use Pro to the sophisticated Rebel, these extensive lines of stylish vaporizers are great for everyone. Mini-clear clearomizer are extremely easy to replace and fill. These are absolutely fantastic. Refilling the tank is simple, economical and you can mix flavors. You would surely love these little cartomizers. If you are a traveler then you should definitely purchase this product as you can easily take this with you anywhere you would possibly want to go. These last a day or two before needing to refill.

Mini-clear clearomizer are so easy to draw and their performance is wonderful. The vapor and the flavor is intense with this product. These are a lot better than the refillable cartomizers. They work well, gives a great hit and you can refill it. It also produces more smoke. This is an amazing accessory. Being nice and compact, it adds so much flavor choices and offers users an amazing taste for such a convenient e-cig.

If you want to super size the tank on your Rocket vaporizer, you will need this accessory.