Monkey Business

One of the great things about owning an E-Cigarette is the fact that that you have a wide variety of flavors available. While the classic flavors provide a monkey business e liquidgood vaping experience, some premium flavors that are exclusively blended together are also available. The choice isn’t that very wide in this aspect but such flavors are truly a delight to vape.

Monkey Business is one of the more premium flavors that are available today. This premium flavors is a new twist on the more common flavors that are Custard and Banana. With a luscious and sweet aroma, a taste that is lasting on the taste buds and feel of a gleeful dessert, it leaves no room for thoughts. Take a puff and enter the sweet deliciousness that is the Monkey Business. The flavor is smoothened by the feel of the custard rolling of the edge of your taste buds and is complimented by the sweet, melting in your mouth taste of the banana. While most banana flavors tends to get a bit overpowering mostly, this is one of few exceptions that have done it right. The taste of the flavor isn’t overpowering and is exactly the right amount of sweetness. The taste of the custard is light almost absent if you’re not paying attention but it is actually there. The ultimate purpose of the custard in this particular mix is to make sure that banana doesn’t overwhelming.

Most of E-Cigarette refill are made from the kosher grade ingredients that are at par if not above the food grade. It is also entirely up to you to choose the amount of nicotine content per cartridge from a range of 0 to 3.6% per cartridge. The flavors are also available all across the U.S and even in malls around you via kiosks. In the case of this premium flavor the choice to alter the standard mix of 60/40 PG/VG is absent. This is to ensure that the flavor is enjoyed just the right way it is intended to be.

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