Moroccan gold

One of the more beneficial things about owning an E-cigarette is the wide array of flavors that you can choose from. With flavors ranging from simpler moroccan gold e liquidelements such as Banana Blast and Melon Berry to more complex ones like Blu-Ki-Co ninja, the choice can sometimes be difficult to make. There are also more of more expensive but premium flavors available, one of such flavors is the Moroccan Gold.

Moroccan Gold is a beautiful collage of here simple flavors within the same cartridge, namely Classic Tobacco, Coconut Blast and Creamy Vanilla. The end result is an exquisite flavor that is sensationally aromatic coupled with a taste that leaves you craving for just a bit more. Taking a puff, provides you with the classic taste of tobacco coupled with coconut adding a slight tropical feel to the flavor. Further incrementing that delicious feel is the creamy vanilla contained within the cartridge, this ultimately ensures that coconut isn’t the only thing that is twisting up this new take on a more classic flavor. This ensures that flavors is a perfect all-rounder, whether you are looking for lounging experience to be the life of the party, this is the flavor that’ll help.

Another great thing about owning An E-Cigarette is the ability to choose custom content of nicotine per cartridge, with a range of 0 to 3.6%. This allows you to be in full control of your vaping experience. Higher amounts of nicotine with the cartridge allows for a harder throat hit, however in case you’re just switching from a traditional cigarette, we definitely recommend getting 1.8% per cartridge as it is the same amount as that within a traditional cigarette. VaporFi uses kosher grade food ingredients to make their E-Cigarette refills, which means that the refills are of food grade quality if not above. However in the case of the premium flavors such as the Moroccan Gold, the choice to alter the standard PG/VG mix of 60/40 is absent. This could be because the company wants to ensure that the premium flavor is enjoyed the way it is meant to be, and if you’re paying a premium price, you definitely deserve the best vaping experience that is available.

This is a favorite flavor of many desert shops, so vaping should be as enjoyable.