Northern Lights

Looking for the perfect vaping experience? Looking to enter the world of vaping or perhaps you’re a veteran that’s looking to test the depths of vaping? northerh lights e liquidOr it could be just that you’re just looking for a flavor that’s perfect to chill out with. Well look no further, with the new Northern Lights flavor within your grasp, you don’t need to venture out any further.

This delightful flavor is a new take on Guava, Melon berry with a under tone of Mint. The end result is tasty, scrumptious flavor that one never gets tired of. The guava tends to bring a creamy smooth feel of the flavor which is complimented by the sweetness of the Melon Berry. Even if there wasn’t anything else to follow the flavor would’ve been a complete experience, but on the sweeter side. Keeping that in mind the Northern Lights is accompanied by a light undertone of mint. That in itself is a genius move by the makers. That light undertone of the mint tends to add some freshness and energy into a sweet flavor and makes sure that the sweetness of the flavor isn’t so dominating so as to dissuade it usage in the daily routine.

This Northern Lights flavor is of the premium flavors that are available currently. While the choice of the flavor is deciding factor, there are additional factors as well. The availability is also an important factor. Flavors are commonly available across the U.S and even in malls near you via kiosks. If you happen to visit a company’s premises, they usually have excellent support staff that can easily help you answer any queries you might have, and even show some of the more cpmplex vaping techniques. As with any flavors, it is entirely your decision to the amount of nicotine that you want per cartridge. You also have the choice to alter the standard 70/30 PG/Cg mix to a 50/50 PG/VG mix. The latter tends to provide a more intense flavor taste but adds a harder throat hit. Such choices ensure that is you who is in control of the vaping experience and will always be.

Two of my favorite flavors make up this next e liquid.