Peach Freeze

This is another rare offering by Vaporfi and they have left no stone unturned to churn out some of the best flavors you are likely to find. The Peach peach freeze e liquidFreeze is a mix of cold peach with lemon and mint leaves. The end result is a delicious blend which is neither a dessert offering not a typical cocktail blend.

It proves to be a refreshment to remember, perfect for a hot summer’s day when you just want to loosen up completely and relieve the senses of stress. It feels like a cold drink and the throat hit is very similar to that effect.

The vapor production is good to say the least although not as great as some of the other flavors from Vaporfi. The taste can be sharp at times due to the sour side of the peach and the mint but overall it is not a strong vape. The flavor is still playfully light which is what is so nice about it.

One of the fail points of this otherwise brilliant e-liquid is that it doesn’t always exhale all that great and can cause a few unpleasant flavor tones to pop up. The solution to this is using either the flavor enhancer or the fruit enhancer (also manufactured by Vaporfi) and adding in a few drops to make the flavor really pop.

You can change around the doses to suit your mood which means you can always add in more of peach or more of mint etc depending on what you like. For people that have more of a sweet tooth, a double dose of peach or a few drops of fruit enhancer would work wonders.

The peach flavor can also be mixed and customized with other flavors from the range to make it taste all the more better. Different vapers have different opinion of what the best time to enjoy this flavor is. Some say it provides the perfect start to the day and others say it is best for vaping all day long.

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