Pear Cosmopolitan

Pear cosmopolitan, just like the name suggests draws its inspiration from ever popular drink. Similar to its liquid counterpart, this e-liquid cartridge Pear Cosmopolitan e liquidincludes three distinct flavors, while each flavor has its own separate taste, they all work together to provide a rich vaping experience.

VaporFi Pear Cosmopolitan Review

First of the three distinct flavors is the pear, it tends to add that everlasting taste that enhances the vaping experience, and leaves a slight sweetness on your tongue. Not overwhelming in any case, it is exactly the right amount to leave you craving for a bit more as the taste goes away.

Right afterwards comes the mighty lemon zest shot, this tends to add punch the whole e-liquid refill needs and makes sure that while the pear provides the sweetness it really isn’t that soft and tends towards the needs of more professional vapers. The slightly tangy taste complimented with the after taste of the pear really makes for a balanced vaping experience, one that is hardly matched anywhere else.

Last but certainly not the least to the Pear Cosmopolitan is the mighty menthol added to bring you that freshness to the experience and ensure that your vaping isn’t that dull, providing a slightly strong throat hit. This ensures that even a slight puff of the cartridge provides the flavors feel and the end user doesn’t need to take full long drag to experience the beauty of a flavor that is Pear Cosmopolitan.

All in all, the Pear Cosmopolitan combines three very commonly known flavors in a uniquely designed blend to bring that traditional taste of the commonly known drink along with a slight touch of menthol to ensure a fresh and uniquely satisfying taste. Throw in the vapor fi’s excellent quality and food grade materials used to make the cartridges and you can be sure that you’re going to have one good vaping experience, if you’re still in doubt, why not buy it once and see what the hype is all about.

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