Pear Tobacco

Vaporfi has many flavors which fall into the tobacco category and one of these fine specimens is Pear Tobacco which is essentially a combination of pear tobacco e liquidthe fruit with red tobacco. The flavor manages to be refreshing and yet like a traditional cigarette. Newly converted vapers will find this to be very useful because the tobacco is more than a hint.

Tobacco being the main flavor the pear is nothing but an undertone. It is not overpowering or overtly present in the blend. The pear can be tasted after a few whiffs but it is very light and it makes the vaping experience all the more enjoyable.

The blend itself is a very light one so you will not feel overpowering flavors intersecting each other. The vaping experience is smooth and ever so light that you can barely feel it. This makes this flavor perfect for everyday use and for frequent vaping at different times of the day.

The throat hit is not considerable which is a disadvantage because then you feel the urge to vape again and again. You get all the quality that is associated with Vaporfi flavors but this one doesn’t come close to some other tobacco offerings from the same range and leaves one slightly disappointed.

If you are a fan of pears, you can always order an extra dose and the same goes for tobacco. You can adjust the flavorings as you like to make it more enjoyable for yourself. The nicotine can also be adjusted this way and it is recommended that with this flavor you opt for a higher dose. The higher dose brings out the finer points of the tobacco and makes the blend more intoxicating.

The flavor can be ordered in break-proof bottles for long days on the road or for moving around and it is a joy to vape.

This e liquid is straight up a great flavor.