Pouch Lanyard-Black

The pouch lanyard is a whole other dimension of protection and convenience as well as accessibility. Not only does the lanyard keep your vaporizer pouch lanyard - blackslinging around your neck, the pouch gives extra protection to the device from all the elements.

The great thing about the lanyard is that it can be used for day to day use and it can be used for special events when you need to move around a lot and need something which will help you keep your vaporizer handy. Carrying cases can do the trick but often they run the risk of getting lost or of being heavy so a lanyard should ideally be your first good option.

This pouch that comes with the lanyard is wonderfully unique because the other lanyards do not come with this feature. This pouch protects the vaporizer if it rains or if there is going to be any kind of water or dust and it also prevent you from spilling anything onto the device. You can keep the device safe inside the pouch till you are ready to take it out and use it.

You can buy this lovely pouch lanyard for $7.99 and it can be used with just about all Vaporfi models which means that the pouch is surely large enough to accommodate all sizes of vaporizers regardless of their size and model type. The product is especially good for parties where it is difficult to carry pouches and purses.

The lanyard itself is built pretty solid so it is built to last and the material of the pouch is quite durable as far as the fabric goes. However as a vapor you need to be careful of the vaporizer sliding out as the pouch is rather big and most vaporizers would be rather small in comparison.

The quality AIR product line is only as good as the replacement parts.