Pro & Rocket Variable USB Charger

Pro and Rocket variable charger is another great option to add to your vape setup. This amazing USB charger can be used with rocket batteries, Pro or pro and rocket variable usb chargervariable Pro batteries, which can be very convenient for you. If you use all the three batteries or any of these batteries, you have an incredible resourceful charger which is extremely handy and easy to use. This Pro and Rocket variable USB charger can be used with any USB outlet making it extremely convenient to use wherever your laptop or computer is. You surely like versatility, for that this USB charger can be great to satisfy you.

The Pro and Rocket variable USB charger charges in very less time and lasts for a longer period of time. The cord of this USB charger is just the right length. This USB charger lets you know when it is done, the light is red while charging and the light turns green when it is done charging. It charges easily and very quickly. What more could you ask for? The USB charger does its job super excellently and works exactly the way it should. The design of this USB charger is sleek and is light weighted. Being compact, it can be very easy to take it with you anywhere you can possibly go.

The Pro and rocket variable USB charger is fully secure and works amazingly. It is very powerful and can power up your batteries and make them function much better. This USB charger is very affordable. You can now get a charge wherever you are as you can easily carry it with yourself and it can fit your pocket or purse. The USB charger charges faster than any other charger. This charger is more compatible with Pro batteries and rocket batteries. The input is 100-240V.

When on the go, this next product insures that your vaporizer has power.