Pro Variable Battery 1000 mAh

Pro variable battery (1000 mAh) will show you some of the best performance you will find among all types of vaporizers. It is simple with clean lines Pro Variable Battery 1000 mAhand the variable voltage is intense. This battery is loved for its capabilities and its size and this Pro 1000 mAh is literally designed for pros. The battery is capable to last for days after a single charge. The Pro variable battery requires a pro variable charger too.

The battery also has this amazing feature of allowing you to customize every aspect of your vaping experience. You will most definitely be satisfied with this product. Another good point of this Pro variable battery is that it is available in many different colors including, Black, orange, purple, silver, green, brown, pink, white, yellow and blue. So now you can buy the battery of your favorite color and can make it more enjoyable for yourself. The length of this battery is 5.25 inches, Voltage range is from 3.2 to 4.8 and it also includes 510 and ego style threading.

Pro variable battery shows great performance with wonderful vapor production. The variable voltage settings are awesome and it also has adjustable airflow settings which makes it more amazing. If you are a heavy user then you should definitely give this product a try as it can last longer and it is the best battery you can never find anywhere else. You will surely love its sleek design and it works perfectly well. It is light weighted and is easy to handle. The taste really comes out from the custom blend and it has lots of power.

With pro variable battery you can also adjust the vapor clouds. Now you don’t have to waste your money on some regular battery. After trying this once, your next purchase would surely be the same battery. It has an excellent control and the power is all in a light weight user friendly grip.

For on the go vaping, get a small case.