Pulse Battery

This is one of the best batteries that you will see in the Vaporfi battery scene and it has virtually no competitors because of the raw power that it is able pulse batteryto create and the rocking performance that it is able to give. It has many great points to its name and it all starts with the mega boost of 650mAh power.

The first thing you will notice about the Pulse battery is that it is very compact in size and it serves well in that capacity. It can easily be traveled with and it can also be moved from place to place without any hassle in a purse or in any other carry on without trouble. It starts working simply upon connecting and that is that.

It works with a number of cartomizers although you cannot plug it in with all of them. The ones it works with are namely PRO-L and PRO-XL, Clear, Premium and Platinum. You can also use it with the Collar cartomizer.

This battery has many features of its own which give it a life all of its own and give it something of an individual character. You get a puff count and a digital screen which you can see all the little details in which are impressive for the price of $29.99.

If you are one of those vapers who are looking for batteries that last really long between charges and replacements then you have come the right place because the Pulse battery is one of them. When the entire Vaporfi range is considered, the Pulse battery is among the top lot that proves to be the longest lasting and the best performing.

The battery is also very stylish as it is black and thin and very sophisticated to hold and display. It makes quite an impression when it is taken out in public.

O-rings prevent leakage in your vaping experience so keep plenty of these around.