Pulse Starter Kit

The VaporFi Pulse starter kits combine power with durability all at a very affordable price.  The design is basically what keeps it ticking and a high Pulse Starter Kitlevel of functionality because you get a number of interesting and useful accessories which you would otherwise have needed to purchase on your own.

The Pulse Kit by VaporFI

Basically you get a few quality options when you talking about accessories and if you buy this kit you won’t need to go shopping for parts anytime soon. You firstly get a set of batteries which are high –powered at 750mAh which is unbelievably high given the size of the vaporizer that you are working with. They are a high 3.7 volt and you get two of them which are interchangeable so that you can get one after the other if one stops working and so on.

There are a few different charging options as well. The entire idea behind this is to kickstart convenience of the highest order. The idea is to be able to charge no matter where you are, whether you are at home or in an airplane or in a car with a laptop.

The device is only super functional because you are able to charge it just about anywhere. There is a cordless charger which is round in shape and it is perfect for quick and high performance.

There are obviously cartomizers included as there would be with any e-cigarette or vaporizer but with this one there is a puff count which is futuristic and useful if you are into that gadgety kind of feel. There is a whole digital screen on the batteries and loads of fun features which are endless fun to play with and which add an extra level of experience to the vaporizer itself.

The rechargeable Pulse Advanced is state of the art which is probably the best way to describe it and it leaves nothing lacking. It has been made to impress with its pure black vaporizer at the heart of its impressive accessories pack.

At $119.99 it isn’t the most affordable but it certainly is the most impressive. What’s more is that you can add an extra 5 pack of atomizers if you wish as you have the option to do that. Having extra atomizers on hand is always advisable if you are a regular vaper.

What is in the starter pack is as follows:-

  • 2 3.7volt batteries
  • 2 clearomizers
  • 1 USB charger
  • 1 Wall adaptor
  • 1 wireless charger
  • 1 manual

The tank capacity you will find is considerable at 2.5mls which is not a feature in many vaporizers. The batteries you get with this starter kit cannot be used with other starter kits unless they are of the pro-l, pro-xl, clear, platinum, and premium line of kits. The tanks must also be used carefully as they cannot be interchanged with other tanks of other starter kits without checking prior for compatibility.

Anyone out there hookah smokers?  If so, I just sampled the electronic hookah by VaporFI.  My review is posted at that link!