Raspberry Ice

While raspberry has been a fairly common flavor in most e-juices, Vaporfi certainly lends it a preferential air with their exotic touch. It has been Raspberry Ice e liquidenriched with menthol which makes the flavor like a cool drink in summer and adds a lovely diluting feel to the strong raspberry flavor which is welcomed.

Raspberry Ice Review

You get all the juiciness of the raspberry but you also get all the coolness of the menthol and it is truly a wonderful combination. The sensation is pleasing and refreshing which is why it is the vape to go for when you return home after a long day at work or when you are really exhausted. It is also great for summers when you feel your body is all heated up.

Raspberry Razz is the stronger of the two flavors and there is a double dose of that along with a single dose of the menthol. This means that the minty feel is more of an undertone and not that perceptible while the sweetness of the raspberry can be felt all the way through. The aftertaste however is of the menthol dose.

The $16 you pay for the standard 30mls bottle is certainly affordable given the kind of quality you are getting. The glycerin has been imported from Malaysia, extracted from Malaysian palm and is of the highest food grade quality. The nicotine is all USA made as the brand believes in good quality even at the cost of profit.

Many vapor brands out there actually import nicotine for cheaper rates because it is expressly low quality but you will find no such issue with Vaporfi products which are top of the line and tested to avoid allergies and related health problems.

Furthermore they are safe to use around children which is not an option you find with many e-liquids nowadays. The bottles are also sturdy and childproof so you can travel with them without any problems.

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