Rebel Standard Capacity Battery

This battery gives you the power to do what you want when you are playing around with your vaporizer and trying to test its limits and really trying to rebel standard capacity batterysee what it is capable of doing. Although it is as the name suggests, ‘standard capacity’ it works wonderfully and lasts longer no matter which vaporizer you are using this with.

Although this was made specifically for the Rebel vaporizer, it works with a few different options and it is made for exceptional power and control as well as output which you get with no other battery out there. When looked at from a price point of view, you are really striking a bargain at $14.99 because these sorts of batteries typically cost a lot more money.

The features that you will find in this ground-breaking battery are adjustable voltage firstly so that your vaporizer will thank you and will never have to face undue fluctuation when your battery is running low or when you have it turned on at full blast. It also has 4A output, protection against short circuiting, as well as wonderful stainless steel all around so that there is maximum durability and protection from the elements in the battery.

Even if you drop the battery you will still notice that no damage has occurred on account of the stainless steel. The other great thing about this battery is that it works with a lot of Rebel accessories so you won’t get bored soon at any rate and there will be plenty to keep your vaping experience interesting.

The battery comes in a wonderful deep cherry red color and is pleasing to look at and also to display in public and is also compact in size which makes it perfect for those long weekends away.

For frequent vapors, this part is needed for basic maintenance.