Root Beer Float

If you are someone who frequents the bar a lot and love root beer floats, then this flavor is for you. It has that old American feel and it promises a lot. With the addition of alcohol, it is one of the unstoppable flavors in the whole range. It is made from beer and vanilla which is a prize-winning combination.root beer float e liquid

It is made for today’s times but it has a whiff of the past which is very delicious. The vapor production is ample and the blend is supremely satisfying. It is great for people that find it difficult to sustain a throat hit. The throat hit is sharp and effective and this is a lovely blend for vaping throughout the day.

The main flavor is obviously the beer but some vapers say that the vanilla is near unnoticeable. If you find this to be the case, you can always order a double dose of it to get that really creamy feel. The vanilla adds an air of luxury to the flavor which you wouldn’t get in a plain beer flavor.

The taste is not however all that realistic. It is more reminiscent of root beer candies than the actual drink itself. This can be both a downside and a plus point. The sweetness is perhaps overdone but you can always compensate by adding more nicotine. An additive of mint may also do the trick of taking the sweetness a notch down.

There is no bitter aftertaste and the blend vapes quite smoothly. If you are not sure about your taste or preference with regard to alcohol related blends, you can always try this flavor in the sample pack deal to get more of a hang on it.

The flavor like all the others can also be customized so you can mix it up with any flavor of your choosing varying the doses to make it more fun.

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