Root Beer

Root beer needs no introduction, the carbonated beverage, with a linage from licorice vanilla and similar other roots from the earth, comes to mind Root Beer e liquidwith an image of a frosty mug. This is what past reminds us of, however times have changed the since we are evolving all the time, there are now more than just the traditional way of getting Root Beer.

An example that could be used to explain this is the VaporFi’s Root Beer Flavor of E-cigarettes. With the choice of choosing the intensity of Root Beer via selection of the numbers of shots of the flavor within the cartridge and choosing the concentration of the VG content within the bottle, you can simply get the taste that you find suits you the best. This favor provides the hearty feel as the drink of the same name and is a perfect flavor to be enjoyed with a couple of friends while having a great time. Licorice and vanilla work well together in the mouth to bring about a nice sweetening taste yet this is not the final impact of the flavor. Other flavors such as the hint of cinnamon, the cherry tree bark, all work together to provide this beautiful collage of flavors that you’re most likely familiar with as Root Beer.

VaporFi’s E-Cigarette Refill of the same name, stays true to its core and ensures that while kosher grade ingredients are used and it is not as diluted as the original root beer, it still provides the same taste and feel of the drink. Add the fact that VaporFi is FDA approved as a Tobacco manufacturer and all of their labs are FDA registered as well. Similarly All of the Refills come with printed lot numbers, which them simple to track to, ensures that you experience the best of the best and without any problems or risks associated when shifting to a new medium of acquiring entertainment.

For those of us menthol fans, what you have been looking for is here.