Rum & Cherry Cola

This beautiful collage of flavors, traditionally renowned is now available for vaping. Rum, mixed with cola and a cherry on top. That image is your Rum N Cherry Cola e liquidmind is so easy to see. And that is what this cartridge is all about.  Brought to you by Vapor Fi.

Rum & Cherry Cola E Liquid

Rum, known for its flavor in aging in oak barrels and overly intoxicating flavor needs no introduction. A shot of rum in the cartridge provides a smooth yet heavy throat hit. It is meant towards those vapers that are looking to see an existing flavor that they are familiar with and its taste on the vaping experience.

Blast of cola added to ensure that vaping isn’t as heavy as to discourage new vapers to the scene. And ensures that intense flavor of the rum isn’t a tad much to bear. Cola tends to add a slight tinge on the tongue along with heavy, intoxicating taste of rum, complimenting it to an even smoother experience.

Add a bit of cherry in the flavor and you’re all set up with the perfect cartridge, one that is able to provide with gourmet level experience right at the tips of hands. Cheery provides sweetness and that gourmet feel to the experience and makes you wonder as to what else could be achieved by single cartridge. Rum ‘n’ cola with a bit of cherry is something you’d imagine while lounging on the beach and this cartridge is meant to provide with a flavor that is no less than that.

While the rum provides the majority of the flavor and cola is only there to compliment it. It’s the blend that matters and this is no exception. The flavors all work together excellently and provide a super smooth yet traditionally acclaimed taste. Vapor fi has made some really excellent choices to their predetermined flavor choices and this flavor can be seen as an example.

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